New ANC Commissioner for Abis

In January 2019, the Abis office in Montreal welcomed Albano Coutinho from Portugal as incoming member of the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) for Abis. The ANC is tasked by the ICAO Council to manage the technical work programme of ICAO. It has a strong focus on measures to maintain and improve aviation safety and air navigation efficiency. The Commission is composed of nineteen members who are highly qualified and have significant experience in civil aviation. Although ANC Commissioners are nominated by specific ICAO Member States, they do not represent the interest of any particular state or

Abis ICAO Council candidate 2019: Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is proud to be a candidate for election to the ICAO Council, the governing body of the International Civil Aviation Organization, for the 2020-2022 triennium.

Helena Faleiro on her ICAO Council membership

Helena Faleiro, ICAO Council member for the Abis group 2013-2016:

Silvia Gehrer on her ICAO Council membership

Silvia Gehrer, Austria, ICAO Council member for the Abis group 2004-2007: